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    Eco - Funerales
    (Fundación Universitaria Empresarial de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá - Uniempresarial, 2022-04-22) Cristiano Gutiérrez, Nikole Alejandra; Lancheros Bogoya, Karol Lorena; Martínez Rocha, Laura Ximena; Bonilla, Ana Lucia; Saboya Baquero, Olga Teresa
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    Estudio de percepción del comportamiento financiero del turismo gastronómico en la zona de la candelaria de Bogotá en tiempos de pandemia año 2020
    (Fundación Universitaria Empresarial de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá - Uniempresarial, 2022-04-25) Téllez Gómez, Juan Sebastián; Ocampo López, Valentina; Torres Sanmiguel, William Peter; León Villanueva, Alexander; Gonzalez Tique, Jose Leonardo
    Through this research we looked to identify the financial perception of the decrease in sales revenue of establishments in the gastronomic sector of the historic center of Bogota (La Candelaria) for the period of pandemic 2020. This document allows us to know the situation as well as the opinion of the direct actors of the sector. The first step consists of the characterization of the gastronomic tourism activity by means of a bibliographic review of official sources, which would allow us to know the number and type of establishments that are part of the gastronomic sector, as well as the use of information gathering instruments, through non-participant observations (interviews), to experts who are part of the gastronomic cluster of Bogotá, and who work in some establishment of the sector studied. Then, by means of a structured evaluation format (survey), a collection of information was made, with the purpose of knowing the financial perception, with the objective of understanding the affectations derived from the pandemic, as well as the way in which these establishments keep their financial information. After obtaining the results, an analysis of these results was made, and thanks to this it was possible to understand the situation presented as the object of research. In addition, this information was complemented with a bibliographic review of reports and articles on these affectations, both official and unofficial, which helped to better understand the development of this step. Finally, a bibliographic review of the strategies that have been implemented by the actors, such as governmental entities and commercial establishments, was carried out, and this development was complemented with an interview to an expert member of the cluster, asking about these dynamics. Having the results of the development of each of the objectives, it was possible to understand that not only the decrease in income was the only financial impact derived from the crisis. Conclusions were drawn based on these results, and some recommendations were made regarding the problems identified, which could possibly help to improve them.
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    Impacto financiero por el covid-19 implementando el teletrabajo en las empresas SAP, IBM y ORACLE
    (Fundación Universitaria Empresarial de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá - Uniempresarial, 2022-04-22) Buitrago Hernandez, Raul Mateo; Cruz Camargo, Juan Andres; Veloza Aranda, Laura Valentina; León Villanueva, Alexander; Espinoza Velasquez, John Jairo; Torres Sanmiguel, William Peter
    In this project, a financial analysis was carried out on certain technology companies, such as IBM, SAP AND ORACLE, in order to determine their performance before and after the pandemic as a result of the implementation of teleworking, which was forced gradually during the pandemic to the point of becoming part of daily life in most workers. As for the companies analyzed, it is observed that Colombians increased in 2020 with respect to 2019 by USD3.78 billion dollars according to the republic. The IBM company plans that 80% of employees work partly from home and others from the premises. We found that SAP chose to help other companies to become smart companies operating in a more profitable way by simplifying processes with enterprise software generating that the return on investment rose, according to a study made by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) which indicates that employees improved their business productivity by 58%. Finally we found that ORACLE with its main cloud services tool has benefited during the pandemic by allowing many other companies to use their software systems available to their customers from anywhere. A first growth of 3% is evident with respect to the year 2019 reaching USD $ 10.1 billion dollars, its main activity of cloud services stands out again with an increase of 5%, up to USD $ 7.3 billion dollars.
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    Plan de negocio UNI-ON
    (Fundación Universitaria Empresarial de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá - Uniempresarial, 2022-04-24) Barbosa Galindo, Yohan Mauricio; Espinoza, Jhon Jairo
    In the different institutions of higher education in Colombia, there are multiple students with the ability to offer services to their peers because they have the knowledge of the broad market that exists in these institutions, which can be manifested through sales of any object or service to specialized consulting, all this is supported by the rise of digital marketing product of the pandemic. Likewise, it can be affirmed that as there is a demand for products and services, there is also a supply, since it is common to need the services of colleagues from the same institution. Although this market has been explored by some, there is not yet a platform that provides us with this type of services because usually a student who needs some specialized knowledge or object must conduct extensive research to find it. This is why UNI-ON was created, a platform that performs the function of a university market place, which seeks to connect the members of the same educational community, in order to facilitate the exchange of products and services.
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    Exportación de Café a Londres – Amar Café Global
    (Fundación Universitaria Empresarial de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá - Uniempresarial, 2022-04-25) Briceño Ortiz, Dana Vanessa; Mejía Hernández, Leidy Laura; Argüello, Andres Mauricio
    The present work was focused on determining the international logistics of the export of Colombian coffee to London from the origin to the final port of destination, therefore, the development of this study begins with the consultation of customs agents on the way in which excelso coffee is exported; in the same way the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia is consulted on the type of packaging and the amount of kilos in each package, what care must be taken for the transport and what requirements are needed to export. The research was based on two approaches: the main one was based on all the requirements necessary to move the coffee from the farms to the port in London, the second approach was based on all the quality requirements in Colombia for the selection of the best coffee from Pitalito, Huila. For this there will be a series of steps that will assure the delivery of a premium coffee at the port of destination where it will be picked up by our direct client Amar Café London who is in charge of roasting and distributing our product in the city of London.