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    Diseño de un sistema de gestión de calidad basado en las Normas ISO 9001 para una pyme de consultoría del sector quimico, famaceutico y de alimentos
    (Fundación Universitaria Empresarial de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá - Uniempresarial, 2015-01-27) Bernal Montenegro, Luis Eduardo; Suarez, Elkin
    This degree work was developed with the purpose of designing the Quality Management System based on the NTC ISO 9001:2008 Standard, for the company Vexpro Consultores Ltda., a legally constituted company. The objective was focused on identifying the processes, reaching the creation of the documentation required by the standard and as a final product a quality manual is annexed as a central document and guide. For this purpose, an initial diagnosis was made according to the requirements of the standard and, at the end, an evaluation was made again to verify that the documents that are requirements of the standard are prepared and ready for their application, reaching 90% compliance. The importance and applicability of a QMS for consulting companies is demonstrated, in order to achieve a better internal operation, a better coordination of activities and the provision of a quality service. Although the objective of this degree work was not to reach the implementation phase, the company that was advised has the objective to reach the implementation by 2015 and achieve its certification.
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    Plan De Negocios Para La Creación De Una Cadena De Comida Rápida Y Saludable - Kukuruz
    (Fundación Universitaria Empresarial de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá - Uniempresarial, 2017-04-17) Mendieta Pinzón, Waldo Alejandro; Mendez Pinzón, Manuel
    Kukuruz is a chain of healthy fast food made from tender corn, created from an experience with Soviet gastronomy and the need to find a product in the fast food market that was considered healthy. It wants to enter the gastronomic market of Bogota, competing with a product that makes a difference, implementing the concept "Fast Casual", which classifies Kukuruz as a fast and casual food at a low cost.
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    Estrategia De Imagen Corporativa Para La Empresa Servi Flexo S.A.S.
    (Fundación Universitaria Empresarial de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá - Uniempresarial, 2018-02-15) Morales Nieto, Angélica María; Baquero Lombana, Viviana María; Vargas Varón, León Alexander
    The communication with the stakeholders Companies has taken more and more importance and it is through this, that invaluable intangibles are created as the image, the reputation and the identity. During the last years, independent of the company name, size and organizational characteristics; companies have shown interest in knowing the perception that their public has about them, in order to create proposals for improvement or change, make strategic decisions and increase the number of negotiations, customers and sales. In this text, different methodologies were used to know the perception of the stakeholders of SERVI FLEXO S.A.S. and with its results, a corporate image strategy was proposed.
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    Investigación de Mercados : Aplicación de parqueaderos
    (Fundación Universitaria Empresarial de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá - Uniempresarial, 2017-04-17) Angarita Vargas, Sandra Milena; Mendez Pinzón, Manuel
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    Diferenciación en la prestación de servicios terapéuticos ofrecidos entre los países de Panamá y Colombia con el fin de determinar las mejores prácticas para Coltherapy S.A.S
    (Fundación Universitaria Empresarial de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá - Uniempresarial, 2018-09-21) Bojacá Garcia, Tatiana Marcela; Cristancho Parra, Neify Yuridia; Vargas Varón, León Alexander
    Coltherapy is a Colombian company dedicated to the provision of therapeutic services. It is located in the health sector with 3 years of experience and trajectory where its development and execution is mainly in the city of Bogotá. Currently has agreements with prepaid medicine and health insurance insurers where it distributes its operation in two cost centers: domiciliary and outpatient. During his career in the Colombian market Coltherapy detected the need to determine the best practices in the provision of therapeutic services compared with those of one of our neighboring countries. In the case of this research, the comparison with Panama City will be developed. through a business mission, an exercise that will allow us to detect the possible differentials and adopt the most appropriate practices allowing Coltherapy to excel in the health sector under the physiotherapy specialization.