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    Exportación de frutas organicas
    (Fundación Universitaria de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá - Uniempresarial, 2016-09-19) Alvarado Barajas, Hollman David; Pulido López, Alejandra
    The present work seeks to be a platform for the export of fruits in honey bee syrup to the European market. Among the objectives is to select an export market within Europe, to establish an analysis of the production in Colombia and the market in the chosen country. The study begins with an analysis of fruit production in Colombia, taking into account production variables, the way in which production is organized, the guilds, the possibilities for improvement that are projected based on government policies and agricultural projects in the country, among others. Likewise, an analysis of beekeeping in Colombia is carried out, focusing on the production of honey bee honey. This analysis has an eminently historical context based on the studies produced in the country, since it is difficult to know the current state. Then we proceed with an analysis of the international market for these products to see the potential of the fruit and honey market worldwide, as well as the most influential countries in each sector. Germany is chosen as the market that best fits the offer proposed in the project. To justify the choice of this country, a PEST analysis is carried out to evaluate the macro environment in which it will be developed. Finally, a study of the German market is carried out, which considers fruit imports, apparent demand, factors affecting the purchasing decision and possible distribution channels. Finally, an internationalization strategy for the project is proposed and the use of trade fairs as a tool for promotion and self-evaluation is recommended.
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    Diseño del manual de funciones para la empresa McTools SAS
    (Fundación Universitaria de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá - Uniempresarial, 2016-08-31) Moreno Mutiz, Ginna Alejandra; Echeverry Sarmiento, Diana Lucia
    With the research, the functions manual is created for the company McTools SAS, and thus generate benefits that allow to direct it towards a development and improvement in the fulfillment of the activities of all jobs. Where it seeks to systematize the functions of employees and thus facilitate communication between areas, understand the business, allow growth in each area, and somehow in the future to evaluate indicators relating to job performance.
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    (Fundación Universitaria Empresarial de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá - Uniempresarial, 2016-09-01) González Moreno, Natalia; Montoya Quintero, Daniela; Gutiérrez Pulgarín, Andrés David
    The world is a completely unpredictable variable and at this very moment may be generating changes that are not noticeable at the moment, but will directly impact people and their environment. Globalization, international cooperation, the elimination of physical barriers, and evolution are clear examples of this; the world is changing and so are we. Based on this idea comes this project: a business idea inspired by Colombian agriculture, in the diversity of our nation, and the potential future of guaranteed better quality of life for our society. It aims to exploit the fruit growing diversity of Colombia, giving recognition to exotic fruits that have not yet achieved a greater impact in the country's economy, specifically with the Badea, Gulupa, and Cholupa fruits, generating an added value to the transformation of the pulps and nectars themselves in providing nutritional benefits for the end consumer. ProFruit is an initiative that seeks to generate a positive impact socially and economically, opening doors for Colombian workers and paths to the internationalization of the entire nation. To achieve these goals and business objectives, it is necessary to balance creativity, innovation, technological development, professional development, and the personal growth of each of the parties involved, giving assurance to reviewers, customers, and the country itself, that things are possible if you dream big. The world belongs to those who dare, yearn and persevere.
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    Estudio de factibilidad del proyecto Bespoke
    (Fundación Universitaria Empresarial de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá - Uniempresarial, 2016-09-01) Camargo Urbano, Alejandro; Gutiérrez Pulgarín, Andres David
    In this document you will be able to find an entrepreneur plan about selling formal clothes for men trough an application in the company`s web site. This application let you introduce information about your body measures, so that, design an avatar that are going be an imitation of customer`s body to dress with the clothes selling in the web site; on this way the customer can see how is going to look with the clothes that is buying. You are going to find the principal characters about the company, information about the online market in Colombia, how is going to be the logistical process, the cost of made this plan in a reality, and the financial valuation. Additionally you could know some legal aspects in which the company is going to be based.
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    Investigación de mercado para medir la aceptacion que tienen las personas sobre los suplementos deportivos y snacks naturales en los gimnasios de la localidad de Engativa en la ciudad de Bogotá
    (Fundación Universitaria de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá - Uniempresarial, 2016-04-13) Quintero de León, Tatiana; Guerrero Balcero, Lina María; Mendez Pinzón, Manuel
    At the time when a person takes the role of consumer purchasing decisions every day, either to decide what to eat, what means of transport used among others. By finding this course of action, companies investigate these decisions to know what, when, how, how, where and why consumers buy at the moment they do. By the time they discover these factors, born interest from companies add to their products offered new features or launch new market in order to meet the new needs discovered through research. On the other hand consumption trends are born, which arise when basic human needs run into extreme changes to create new needs, wants and desires. By identifying these emerging companies seek changes in expectations gap between what consumers want? What do you currently have ?. When the word "trend" is named, automatically you think about demographics. And of course, consumers who share certain traits either age, lifestyle, location etc., usually have similar tastes and preferences. This is the case of fitness life, young society is beginning to experience a healthier life style in terms of food and fitness. These people are divided into a group where having a lean body is your biggest goal and to get it added to your diet products that generate welfare when performing physical activities That is why combining a trend and behavior of people to choose their purchase, which seeks to carry out market research in order to understand how a trend can affect consumer choice when buying a product.