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    Plan de Negocios – Independet
    (Fundación Universitaria Empresarial de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá - Uniempresarial, 2021-01-21) Gonzalez Sayo, Dashwart Daniel; Güiza Castillo, Shellsy Nicolle; Bonilla, Ana Lucía; Guatavita Ordoñez, Laura Ximena
    Independent is a venture focused on textile production, which offers a variety of garments such as jumpsuits, sweatshirts, t-shirts, polo shirts among other clothing. Our business model is focused on the mass production and commercialization of garments mainly in Cotton. The objective is to be a nationally recognized brand, obtaining a position of it in the textile market, in addition to mitigating the consumption of imported products, strengthening the Colombian market through different product lines, with a high Quality-Cost ratio . Our sales channels are through wholesale channels, in Bogotá and its surroundings, seeking to expand distribution nationwide. All the internal and external factors that were taken into account for the creation of the company and in turn brand will be exposed.
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    Plan de negocios - BioCampo
    (Fundación Universitaria Empresarial de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá - Uniempresarial, 2021-01-15) Camacho Muñoz, Jennyfer Adriana; Campo Acosta, Martha Ligia; Gonzalez, Edward Leonardo; Bonilla, Ana Lucía; Olivares Tenorio, Miguel Angel
    This document brings together the initiative of an entrepreneurship project that is developing in one of the productive economic sectors of Colombia. The study includes the preliminary investigation of the country's fruit and vegetable sector, its main characteristics and the negotiation conditions between the parties involved in the purchase and sale of products derived from planting in this sector. The above leads to the motivation of the work team to evaluate and project the results of the initiative from the market and competition point of view, its technical, technological and organizational capacity and finally the economic-financial study. In each of the studies the most relevant aspects and key activities for the implementation of the project are defined in order to define its feasibility of execution.